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China occupies the most important area of Pangong Tso

According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, Chinese army had entered up to 40 km from many places of indian borders of Ladakh, Arunachal pradesh and Uttarakhand

International press and Chinese sources have been reporting for the last months that the Chinese army has occupied the most important areas of ​​Pangong Tso Lake, the mountain peaks of Helmut Top and Blacktop. Despite all efforts, the Indian Army has failed to recapture the land and stop the construction of new Chinese forts and military posts there.

Reports are being received from the neutral international press and Chinese sources that the Chinese troops in the Ladakh sector advanced further in the areas under Indian control. Satellites have shown a huge constructions of new Chinese military posts.

On this September 9, the major Indian newspaper Hinsdustan Times revealed that according to Indian intelligence, Chinese troops have violated the Line of Actual Control several times in the last two months. According to the Indian newspaper, the incursions by the Chinese army into Indian territory are no longer limited to the Ladakh sector. In fact, Chinese troops have now infiltrated miles into Indian territory, including in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Uttarakhand.

See below the web link of the news published in Hindustan Times

PLA territorial violations since July not limited to eastern Ladakh

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According to Harinder Baweja, an Indian journalist in the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, the Chinese army entered several places in these areas up to 40 km from the Indian border. However, according to the newspaper, Chinese troops have been withdrawing from these Indian territories.

International observers have been sharply critical of the Indian military’s defensive incompetence over the Hindustan Times report. According to defense observers, the incursion of Chinese troops into Indian-controlled areas within 40 km and then their return safely is a clear indication of the combat capability and incompetence of the Indian military.

The Narendra Modi government claims that every inch of Indian territory will be defended. While the revelation of India’s own newspaper is a serious question mark on the performance of Indian forces that besides Ladakh sector, Chinese army has been transporting in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Uttarakhand sectors within 40 km of Indian territory.

In recent months, the failure of the Indian Army stationed at the Indian Thakang post in the Ladakh sector to recapture its territory from the Chinese army and prevent new fortifications has also come under fire from international observers. It is to be noted that the Chinese army had captured the important points of Pangong Tso Lake Area, Helmet Top and Black Top. It is possible to observe the military moments from these peaks of vital importance to the Indian Chushul Garrison across Lake Pangong and to monitor the Indian military installations.

The Narendra Modi government and the Indian media have always claimed that India is fully capable of responding to any aggression on the eastern and western fronts, in the air and in the seas. And for this, the deployment of warplanes near the Chinese and Pakistani borders and naval power in the South China Sea are being highlighted.

While the Pakistan Air Force’s tooth-breaking response to the humiliating failure of the so-called Balakot surgical strike the next day. From the defeat at the hands of China in Ladakh to the latest revelations of the Hindustan Times, all facts are telling the story of false claims of the Indian government and the reality of paper tigers of the Indian forces are telling the true story.


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