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The fall of US imperialism and Indian terrorism is seeing the upcoming rise of Pakistan-China alliance

Americans couldn't help that fearful of "military pigeons" flying from Pakistan, the fingers of the Himalayan grandsons have lost their way to the triggers of their volcanic guns in Ladakh . .

Americans couldn't help that fearful of "military pigeons" flying from Pakistan, the fingers of the Himalayan grandsons have lost their way to the triggers of their volcanic guns in Ladakh . .

The plane of power and awesomeness of America is preparing for a crash landing. Imperialism is facing one severe test after another. The god of kingship, who enslaved states all over the world like his own, sometimes seen helpless at the hands of the Corona crisis and sometimes by his own people.

However, the American people prove that they are different from the Pakistani people who have part-time properties like soda bottle. We forget everything after making a fuss for a few days over bloody tragedies. However, that was not common for ex President Trump to be moved to an underground security bunker in the wake of the unrest following the death of a black man in police custody.

The new generation of Europe see US self-interest as a threat to their future. Western intellectuals believe that the monopoly of the US and its dollar system is swallowing up the European economy and interests. This movement is providing an opportunity for anti-American sentiment to emerge.

World observers see this as the beginning of the decline of the US monarchy. But I call this changing world scene a harbinger of happiness like the moon of Shawwal for the oppressed world. It seems that the oppressed black classes of America have decided to write the last chapter of revenge in the book of stories of exploitation and massacre by whites in the American War of Independence.

Over the last two centuries, the downtrodden classes, suffering from innumerable racial prejudices, black Americans have decided to make all calculations bold by chanting the slogan of narrow-mindedness .

On the one hand, the weak and justified tone of the United States in addressing its new ally India in Ladakh and seeing the traces of defeat in China shows that the imperialist lord no longer has the patience he once had. There, on the other hand, Indian helplessness in Ladakh and Sikkim has shattered all the curtains of Indian military power.

The balloon of the Indian military force, which has been wreaking havoc on Kashmiri Muslims for seventy years, has been torn apart by the Chinese army without firing a single shot on hundreds of square miles. And broke with such a skill that all the pain of India’s burglar noise policy makers has become a virgin scream drowned out by the noise.

Surprisingly, those who make false claims of destruction by entering Abbottabad do not have the power to take back an inch of their land from China. Fearful of “military pigeons” flying from Pakistan, the fingers of the Himalayan grandsons have lost their way to the triggers of their volcanic guns.

Modi’s great military horses, which burned Muslims alive in Ahmedabad and Maharashtra, have been trembling and trembling before reaching their own border in Ladakh. The Modi government is realizing that the talk of war with China and Pakistan in 2020 is no longer a joke.

In all these circumstances, the formal statement made by the US about China has opened the floodgates of its internal and external defeat. In the wake of the collapse of the US monopoly, the greatest enemy of peace and human rights in the region and the new US ally, double face India, really fearful of any military confrontation with China, want dialogue and peace.

The global scenario shows that the balance of power is shifting, the emergence of new global lobbies and the breakdown of old ones is an evident. It is as if the history of the first and second world wars is being repeated. Just as the allies of world war I became rivals in world war II.

The changing global landscape is showing much more. On the one hand, Russia’s longtime ally India has fallen into the lap of the United States asper the wish of its Israeli friends. On the other hand, in response to this, distances between Russia and Pakistan are gradually coming to an end, with the help of their mutual friend China.

Today, however, international observers are openly saying that the US economy, defeated in internal problems and in the war adventures in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, is constantly sinking and its control over world politics is rapidly declining.

However, in today’s changing global landscape, China is emerging as an all-rounder dynamic force. It is an integral part of all global markets and the economic activities of the East and the West. And in the recent Corona Crisis, China has proved that its nation and leadership know how to run the economy and are capable of crisis management.

In this crisis situation, China’s challenge to India by infiltrating its borders is a clear declaration that it has now become a global power that does not care for a country like India at least. China’s disregard for US mediation offers and its disregard for President Trump’s statements have far-reaching implications. In my opinion, this is the first clear step towards China’s claim to world leadership, moving towards self-confidence

But in this ever-changing global landscape, our politicians, incapable of deciding on Pakistan’s interests, have no vision of international affairs to plan for the future in the national interest.  We must now generously acknowledge the fact that the state affairs are, in any case, a very different task from being skilled at hitting sixes or running an industrial business.

In fact, the shape of our political system is corruption in corruption, protection of political allies and personal interests. Unfortunately our politicians do not ashamed to use, anti-Pakistan Indian agents in politics against forces organization with betrayals of our religious and national ideologies.

And then what could be more cruel to ourselves than the fact that on the media channels, for the important responsibility of raising awareness and debates on sensitive international or national issues, we have placed the comedians and jokers on the seats of intellectuals. The topics of national interests are made a “joke”.

It is a matter of knowledge and awareness of facts for the betterment of our present and future generations. Is it a joke?


Editor in Chief of Defence Times and Voice of Pakistan, a defence analyst, patriotic blogger, poet and web designer. The passionate flag holder of world peace


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