Hoarding , temporary shortage and Price control failure in pandemic crisis

We should be ashamed that we are failed the basic standards of being an ethical moral and human based society.

Hoarding is strictly forbidden in Islam and unfortunately Pakistan have such morons who can cash others lives by temporary shortage of the required commodity or good demand.

We are the Nation who start raising the price of food items with the approach of Ramadan kareem, the month of blessings and care.

We use all ill efforts to earn profits even the western countries provide relief on food items on basic consumable commodities such as dates etc specially for regard of the Muslims Holy month.
However nowadays we are getting more worst morons and slur on the face of human and humanity by raising the prices of the medicines that are required for the patients on ventilator critical to survive. The temporary shortage is created with the motive to raise prices.
On the other hand take the example of senna leaves a herb that’s being associated with the rumour to cure Covid infection its price is doubled even tripled from the previous price and same treatment is being done with the poor hurb by temporary shortage.

Taking the patrol prices another disgusted act as the price get down the temporary shortage is being observed in whole country, irony is country is suffering from pandemic urgent need of transport for personal vehicles is being restricted as in most big cities patrol pumps are not operational.

Now the hurtful question is are we really being able to call humans? Is money and profit everything in a Islamic republic. We should be ashamed of it. We should be ashamed that we are failed the basic standards of being an ethical moral and human based society.
Hafsa Farooq, is an Economist and writer of economic issues. She is post graduate in development economics from Australia.


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