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Tribute to our forces for their role in corona crisis

Be careful ! Corona crisis is still not over, keep follow the instructions of medical department's front-liners. Stay committed with SOPs, stay home, stay hygiene and stay safe . . . .

Pakistan is blessed with a prestigious institution since its inception. The institution has a proud and splendid history of helping and handling from disaster to crisis management. From averting the danger of war to peace promotion, from fighting for the lives of nation to put self lives on risk. Or from working as front-liners in pandemics to public awareness campaigns of safety and hygiene.

Pakistan army is full equipped with organized management system to assist the government and help people of Pakistan in any kind of emergencies. Pakistan armed forces always play very helpful role to provide services  like that medical or rescue operation etc.

Pakistan Army has well trained personnel with high-tech professional skills to provide assistance in any type of emergency in homeland of Pakistan.

The proud institution Pakistan army has never disappointed its nation in the wake of any crisis and disaster situation. The same proud and prestige is being earned by our forces at international level whether is peace keeping mission with UN or quick help in disaster management.

The lion heart soldiers are standing alert day and night for us to protect us from Deadly COVID-19 outbreak. They are distributing masks and taking care of deprived and general public by ensuring their help in all ways. When there is army in any crisis matter the Nation felt relief and inside they know that now things are in safe hands and gona be OK soon.

Army is working with the government of Pakistan and standing shoulder to shoulder for making the social distancing efforts fruitful to defeat the pandemic. Army medical staff is working with same enthusiastic approach day and night in this hard time by risking their own lives being on front line fighters.

We salute to our loin heart soldiers indeed you are our proud and precious asset of Pakistan. May almighty protect you all.

Be careful! Corona crisis is still not over, you keep follow the instructions of medical department’s front-liners. Stay committed with SOPs, stay home, stay hygiene and stay safe . . . .



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