Peak of corona pandemic, the survival of the fittest scenario

The pandemic is touching the peak across the world and Pakistan is enlisted among top 20

COVID-19 Pandemic
The pandemic is touching the peak across the world and Pakistan is enlisted among top 20 countries with regard to infected cases according to the reliable data source total infected cases in the world are 7,103,184 and total recovered are 3,466,691.
At the initial stage the recovered ratio was 20% and infected cases were 80% so the variate ratio became about eighty to twenty percent for past two months. But now it seems the recovered ratio is near 50%. The statistics is encouraging that we can beat the pandemic. The zero cases news in New Zealand is another ray of hope.
Now if we have a look towards the pandemic infections scenario in Pakistan the total infected ratio is 103,671 with 34,355 recovered. Pakistan is the 15th most infected country till date. However the recovery ratio is a hope that it we will be able to beat it soon.
The situation also depicts that the lock down was helpful in controlling the surge in infected cases that might cross millions as its happening in Europe and USA. The past 15 days were crucial regarding the follow up of SOPs and social distancing by the general public.
The Government relaxed the lock down but the public took the fullest advantage to kill the objective of lock down and social distancing measures and protocols. The bazars seems full of public crazy for shopping. Irony was they were enjoying the food outlets, snacks etc.
However from the economic scenario it was a good earning time for daily wagers and shop keepers vendors and all sort of small business. Transport was also active and still active thats another meltdown of stagnant business. Now if we agree to the situation being realistic that from the past days the ratio of new cases is increasing.
One of the main Govt hospital in Islamabad and some in Karachi as well announced that we are in full capacity of Covid-19 patients beds and ventilators, we will onward only entertain patients from Islamabad only. This seems the situation is getting worse our negligence is paying us off.
However need of the hour is to understand the seriousness of the pandemic and a month lock down. The opening of all shops and small businesses for the short time would have equipped the shopkeepers to survive for a month.
Though there is an expectation that coming days will increase the tally in Pakistan on peak due to past 15 to 20 days negligence of general public but we can control it to become a horrible tragedy by strict compliance to Social distancing SOPs and complete lock down at least for a month.
Stay home stay safe, the time is the survival of the fittest scenario. Save yourself and your families.
Hafsa Farooq

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