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From ancient Hindutva civilization to Kashmir, humanity and women are oppressed

After the partition, atrocities against women by Hindutva continue in all over India and especially with Muslim women in Kashmir

After the partition, atrocities against women by Hindutva continue in all over India and especially with Muslim women in Kashmir

The violation of the sanctity of Muslim women by the Indian troops in occupied Kashmir today is in fact a reflection of the ancient and perpetual nature of Hindutva. The history of society bears witness to the fact that Hindutva society has always been the culprit and murderer of the sanctified woman.

The facts of the ancient and modern Indian Hindutva society say that even the dignity of their own Hindu women was never protected from their horrors.The physical and spiritual humiliation inflicted by the earliest Hindu society on the vulnerable is the black chapter in history.

What the RSS terrorists and BJP’s extremist are doing with non-Hindu Indians in India today or what the Indian army and police do to Kashmiri Muslim women is the worst state terrorism. In fact this is the continuity of barbarian humiliation of women, and it has been a part of Hindu civilization since centuries.

The grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Juma and many other historians write that in the ancient Hindu civilization, women were given the status of slaves. In some of its sects there was no difference between wife and sister. According to me this civilization may have been influenced by the traditions of the ancient Pharaoh kingdom, the Roman emperors and Greek royal families. History states that Raja Dahar also adopted this tradition.

The despicable practice of having relation with one’s sisters and daughters (incest) in the West is very similar to the ancient Hindu culture.It should be noted that after the legalized homosexuality, the practice of incest is spreading fast in the West as well.It was a sign of the perversion of its faith that one considered relation with his mother, sister or daughter as a duty and a means of salvation to fulfill a woman’s basic need. According to the Vedic injunctions, women could not touch any religious book. When they were widowed, they were forced to live as corpses.

Eastern and Western historians prove it. In ancient Hindu civilization, women were the victims of oppression and exploitation of their Hindutva rituals. The historian Westermarck writes that it was a religious tradition in ancient Hindu society that if a woman touched an idol, the deity and sanctity of that “sacred idol” was considered “extinct” and was thrown away.

After the partition, atrocities against women by Hindutva continue in all over India and especially with Muslim women in Kashmir. The spirit of Hindutva’s oppression of women has infiltrated the Indian Army in Kashmir. Muslim women are victims of the worst human rights violations by Indian soldiers and police personnel. According to human right organizations many reports have been released regarding the elimination of violence against Kashmiri women.

According to reports, Indian troops have killed more than 100 thousands people, including more than 1,000 women in occupied Kashmir since last 20 years. Women and young girls are being abused, tortured, maimed and killed by Indian Army and other forces. Kashmiri women are the victims of the worst sexual violence in the world by Hindutva elements.

The reports stated that since 1989, 23000 women have been widowed and more than 12000 women were humiliated. Reports of gang-rape of 23 women of a village in Kupwara district of Kashmir were published by human rights organizations. According to a news website Al-Qamar, Indian police officers abducted and desecrated an eight year old girl Asifa Bano in Kathua two years ago.

The South Asian Wire reported that the Indian military uses rape of women as a weapon of war against freedom fighters. According to Human Rights Watch port, most of the abuses occurred during siege and search operations. According to another HRW’s report, security personnel in Kashmir have used rape as a counter-insurgency tactic. The South Asian Wire reports that the pattern of rape in Kashmir is very criminal and cruel. When soldiers enter civilian homes, they kill men before raping women.

A scholar, Shubh Mathur, described rapes of Muslim women as “an essential element of Indian military strategy in Kashmir”.  Why all this atrocities and brutal treatment of women is continued in Kashmir? The main reason is that oppression of women, violation of women’s sanctity and oppression of non-Hindu religions is an ancient tradition of Hindutva civilization. Hindutva also wants to suppress Kashmir’s freedom movement through atrocities and state terrorism in Kashmir.

The mission of the RSS in India is to crack down on non-Hindu minorities, especially Muslims. The BJP is sowing the seeds of religious hatred under the extremist Hindutva agenda. And the Indian arbitrariness and law enforcement agencies, enslaved by the RSS and the BJP, are committing the massacre of Kashmiri Muslims and the desecration of women as their holy religious duty.

The oppressed Muslims of Kashmir are waiting for the help from the world of human rights activists and the international community.


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