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The new grand alliance of Turkey and game of world powers

United States and its allies western world cannot tolerate an emerging Muslim power in the case of Turkey , the brave friend of Kashmiri and palestinian Muslims

Despite the declaration of a ceasefire under pressure from the United States and European countries to save Armenia from a decisive defeat at the hands of Azerbaijan, the fierce occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh continues. Missiles fired from Azerbaijani attack helicopters and drones are destroying Armenian tanks, defense systems and defense installations in response to the shelling of Armenian civilians.
Being fearful of Turkey, a strong Muslim power against the global monopoly, Europe has issued a writ to put pressure that only a change in Turkey’s position can pave the way for a settlement of the dispute. The United States, Israel and Europe’s puppet Armenia is also imitating their masters by saying that only Turkey can stop Azerbaijan from war. According to the Armenian Prime Minister, he is confident that as long as Turkey continues to support Azerbaijan, the war will continue.
On the other hand, despite strong pressure from the United States and Western countries in the Mediterranean, Turkey has come to the fore to protect its sovereignty. Turkey has sent a ship to search for oil and sources in the disputed waters near Greece, despite strong opposition from the United States and European countries.
The European Union and the United States have demanded that Turkey pull back its researcher ship. The United States has called Turkey’s move a “planned provocation”. Greece, France and Germany, which have called Turkey’s move bullying, are outraged that the United States and the West cannot tolerate an emerging Muslim power in the case of Turkey. Turkey has rejected all objections and refused to pull back its ship namely Oruc Reis.

Turkey says its Oruc Reis will conduct a maritime survey for the next 10 days to explore for oil and natural resources. Oruc Reis has gone to the Mediterranean in search of natural resources. And finding natural resources in its seas is Turkey’s legal right.

On the other hand, in the context of this collective bullying against Turkey by the United States and the European Union, the test program of the S-400 anti-aircraft defense system purchased by Turkey from Russia in the Black Sea has been severely offended by the United States. It should be noted that the United States strongly opposed the purchase of Turkey’s Russian S-400 defense system. This has raised concerns about Turkey’s relations with the United States, NATO allies and neighboring countries. According to international defense observers, the conflict could be a precursor to a major war.
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What is S-400 Air Defence System

The radar of the S-400 defense system, which launches surface-to-air missiles, can detect and track aircraft or missiles in a timely manner. Its multiple missiles are capable of hitting multiple targets up to the distance of 400 km. On the other hand the US Patriot Defense System can fire a single missile at a time and hit a single target only up to 100 km away.
The S-400 can also hit low-flying or high-altitude targets. It can also destroy high-speed missiles with dodging capabilities. Its missiles can chase a target and destroy it with the ability to rotate at a speed of 14 times faster than the speed of sound.
Turkey’s stand against the US and NATO alliance could lead to a major war conflict for the world. Turkey was considered an important ally of the United States and NATO countries and an integral part of the US F-35 stealth fighter program. Turkey was the first recipient of this modern American fighter jet. At that time, Turkey was also looking for a modern defense system in the international weapons market. But the reluctance of the United States to sell the Patriot defense system eventually forced it to buy the S-400 from Russia.
The US condemnation of Turkey’s purchase of the Russian defense system in the wake of the Patriot Defense System deal with Turkey is surprising. The United States expelled Turkey from its F-35 stealth fighter program deal in July last year for buying a Russian defense system. The United States is concerned about why Turkey, which is part of the US Stealth Fighter Program, has purchased the S-4000 defense system designed to destroy these US stealth aircraft.
The United States also fears that Turkey, which is moving toward an American-Western slavery-free space, may in the future supply the technology of its F-35 stealth fighter to Russia or China. Or in the event of a coalition agreement between Turkey and Pakistan, these planes could be used against the new US ally India. Neutral observers have blamed the United States and Western nations for their differences with Turkey, which have been reluctant to enter into a deal with Turkey over the Patriot Defense System deal.
A possible future defence block of China, Russia, Turkey and Pakistan is a nightmare for US world kingdom and Western monopoly. It is unbearable for the United States and its Western allies, suffering from economic stagnation, to emerge as a powerful fighting force in the face of global turmoil.
In a life-changing situation from Azerbaijan to the Mediterranean, Bible’s scholar Nostradamus and Muslim saint Nemat Shah Wail’s similar predictions that the last world war to destroy the world will start with a maritime conflict are eye-opening. And that potential dispute could be the recent tensions between China, the United States and India in the South China Sea or the maritime border dispute between Turkey and Greece in the Mediterranean.

BY: Flight Lieutenant Behzad Hassan

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