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From the role of Turkish drone power in Azerbaijan war to Pakistan-Turkey friendship

Pakistan's military capabilities and the prospect of getting state-of-the-art drones from Turkey and China are highlighting the weaknesses of the Indian military

Pakistan's military capabilities and the prospect of getting state-of-the-art drones from Turkey and China are highlighting the weaknesses of the Indian military

The world’s modern military powers were shocked when Azerbaijan’s Turkey made drone strikes completely destroyed the Armenian defense and forced it to concede defeat. At the same time, pro-Armenia India & Co. sank into despair as well as fear of Turkish-made weapons.

The real game changer in the Battle of Karabakh was Turkish-made drone system that played a key role in Azerbaijan’s decisive victory. The Indian leadership fears that if the recent issues flare up, the Turkish and Chinese-made drone system could play a similar role for Pakistan.

The world is amazed by the drone attack videos of the Azerbaijani war , how the Turkish-made TB2 drones hit the target very successfully and continued to destroy defense installations.

Azerbaijan destroyed about 185 Armenian T-72 tanks, 90 armored vehicles, 190 artillery pieces, 75 multiple rocket launcher units, 30 surface-to-air missile systems, one Tor system, 5 S-300 systems, 14 radars, one SU-25 jet, 4 drones and more than 500 military vehicles. Two and a half thousands Armenian soldiers were killed in this war. On the other hand, the loss of Azerbaijan was six times less than that of Armenia.

The Azerbaijani war has given new ideas to modern war strategies. Achieving goals through the use of low-cost drones without involving the air force and its expensive warplanes is a new chapter for the world’s defense think tanks. The success of the US drones in Afghanistan has paved the way for the use of drones in the world. Meanwhile, the astonishing success of Turkish-made drones in the recent Azerbaijan war has terrified the opponents of the Pakistan-China-Turkish alliance.

The success of Turkish drones has shown the world that a country that takes the technical lead in developing better autonomous drone systems will be more successful than its rivals.

The Turkish drone bayraktar TB2, which weighs eight times less than the US drone MQ9 Rapper, has destroyed Armenian installations in mid-altitude flight with its guided missiles containing smart micro-ammunition. It terrifies the world’s major armaments and enemies. It should be noted that Turkish drones destroyed dozens of Russian-made anti-aircraft units in Syria this year. Even Russian Defense Minister had to admit that Russia’s defense system had a failed defense against low-altitude Turkish drone strikes.

Last February, at Operation Spring Shield in Adlib, Syria, the high performance of TB-2 drones against the Russian defense system, the best rate of hitting targets, surprised the world’s defense observers. Turkey released a video of the destruction of Russian-made Pantsir systems, proving that the Russian defense system had in fact failed miserably to detect and defend Turkish drones.

Threats to India

Given Turkey’s friendly relations with Pakistan, India is deeply concerned and apprehensive about the possible acquisition of Pakistan’s TB-2 drone. Known for completely blinding any defense system, the Turkish TB2 drone has become a symbol of fear for the Indian military leadership. The main reason for this is that 60% of India’s arms and ammunition are Russian-made. And the Turkish drone system has a devastating effect on modern systems such as the Russian Pantsir and the S300.

Deployment of Turkish TB2 drones and Chinese-made drones by Pakistan on Indian borders would pose a serious threat to Indian missile launchers, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, bunkers and defense systems.

For India, which has disputes with both its neighbors, China and Pakistan, the ability of Pakistan and China to develop and use self-propelled drones , apart from the Turkish drone system is enough to intimidate it.

According to defense observers, Pakistan’s military capabilities and the prospect of getting state-of-the-art drones from Turkey and China are highlighting the weaknesses of the Indian military on the Indian leadership. According to observers, Indian weapons could be targeted by drones at the border and even within its borders. And the war in Azerbaijan has proved that the performance of drones and low-altitude missiles, which are much cheaper than expensive fighter jets and defense systems, will be a message of destruction and death for India’s Russian-made defense weapons and installations.

Over the past decade, Turkey has made significant inroads into world politics. India and its allies know that Pakistan is one of the most important countries of influence. Since the CPEC project came into force, the Muslim nuclear power Pakistan is playing a decisive role in the politics of the region. In this scenario, the traditional friendship between two leading Muslim military powers, Pakistan and Turkey has rapidly strengthened and strengthening more. And this living reality is a horrible nightmare for Indians.




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Farooq Rashid Butt
Farooq Rashid Butt
Editor in Chief of Defence Times and Voice of Pakistan, a defence analyst, patriotic blogger, poet and web designer. The passionate flag holder of world peace


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