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Clash of Religious and Charlie Hebdo Brand Civilizations is terrible for the world peace

Where the economic and social oppression and exploitation created by the war of mutual interests of the world nations has promoted extremism in the world . . . .

Where the economic and social oppression and exploitation created by the war of mutual interests of the world nations has promoted extremism in the world . . . .

Islam is the religion of peace and not only the honor of Muhammad pbuh but the guardian of the honor and sanctity of all the prophets. Charlie Hebdo magazine is time again publishing sketches insulting the Prophet of Islam, causing great heartache to Muslims around the world.

The famous poet George Bernard Shaw said that a person who kills a single person is called a murderer but a person who paints his hands with the blood of thousands of innocents is called a winner۔

Today the mafia, the king of the world, is mad not only in the world of Islam, but in the whole world of mankind. The grim picture of the world today is alarming because the world kingmakers are unwilling to compromise on anything less than the world’s political as well as religious and ideological conquest.

Just a few years ago, despite the fact that Pope Francis, the religious leader of Christianity, also openly condemned the blasphemy of Charlie Hebdo. But the heads of European countries, including the United States, jumped into the fray with the slogan “I am Charlie Hebdo too”, defending this “journalistic terrorism” as a sacred duty. France is again publishing insulting sketches on Charlie Hebdo magazine with the same old slogan of sedition, vowing to defeat the killers of freedom of expression and their ideologies that have killed “innocent people”. They try to suppress freedom through violence.

But what do these “innocent people” of the West know that the lamp burning in the heart of a Muslim is illuminated by the light of the love of Muhammad? Islam is the religion of peace, but if the blasphemous tendency of the western “innocent people” remains the same, then only God is the guardian of world peace.

The French president’s hate speech in support of the re-publication of Charlie Hebdo’s insulting issue was in fact a reflection of the “secular terrorism” against Western religions that Charlie Hebdo gave a “new birth” after the attacks and killings on freedom of expression. “Charlie Hebdo and his values ​​are alive and well.”

According to the Western leadership, Muslims are victims of extremism, fundamentalism and intolerance, while secularism respects all religions. Even today, the open support for blasphemy by the United States and Western colonialism suggests that the anti-Islamic allies of the United States and the West made peace by declaring rebellion against the teachings of Jesus and the philosophy of mutual tolerance of their religious leaders. The explorers have decided to launch an “atom bomb of secularism” on the world.

Western civilization and world peace are rapidly declining due to the West’s distance from its own religion and disrespect for the religions of others.

Even the religious forces of the West themselves are disturbed by the scene of their own destruction. After the defeat of communism in the Cold War, the decline and failure of the magical civilizations of capitalism is now facing no American or Western intellectual.

According to international observers, the cause of World War III could be a horrible clash of civilizations. The British historian used the term “encounter of civilization” for the clash of civilizations, and the Jewish scholar Bernard Lewis called “encounter” a “clash.”

Samuel Huntington’s book, The Clash of Socialization, took the concept of globalization to the point of war frenzy. According to Francis Fukuyama’s “End of History”, the future of the world will eventually fall into the hands of a “one-axis force” and the rest of the world into one of this central “sovereign” state. It will remain a colony.

For the West, the cure for this stigma lies only in its globalization, which guarantees its interests. In which the economy and civilization of the Islamic world and every state of the third world and their religion and belief should be the slaves of the will and temperament of these world pharaohs. With their military might and economic dominance, they want the world to see a global village ruled by them, with the colour of subjugated civilization and the dress of religion according to their intentions.

But the new generation of Muslims, especially the African world, wants a new interpretation of religion and beliefs that does not conflict with the basic tenets of the Muhammadan religion.

Today, not only France or the United States, but the entire West is obsessed with secularism. The tendency to flee from religion has turned Western civilization into a bloody dagger that was predicted by Hazrat Iqbal in the form of “your civilization will commit suicide with its own dagger”.

Muslims, Christians or followers of other religions, who are committed to their religion and moral values, are surprised at the fact that Western women are allowed prostitution and brothels, but in the same West, Muslim women are not allowed to wear hijab. There are no restrictions on nightclubs and pubs, but in many institutions, Muslims are not given time to pray. People belonging to every religion in the world are aware of this. In the West and in the East, those who insult the Prophet of Islam have the open support of the Western states.

The causes and motives of all the unrest and extremism that are taking place in the present times are hidden behind mysterious secrets. Every link in the changing situation seems to be different every day, but the real reasons and the purpose of the antichrist are different. No Muslim, not even the peace-loving Christian community in Europe, can easily understand this murky fog of global conspiracies. Hitler rightly said that at the end of every sedition I pursue, there must be some Jew.

Liberal imperialism and the secular West’s joint global conspiracy to denounce blasphemy and the propagation of anti-religious ideologies under the guise of a global conspiracy to insult the world’s religions and the ideological conflict of civilizations Extremely worrying for the world.

Where the economic and social oppression and exploitation created by the war of mutual interests of the world nations has promoted extremism in the world. There the secular brands are attacking the religions of the West, the exploitation of peace-loving Muslims and the vile series of blasphemies of the Qur’an and Prophethood, the horrific clash of civilizations and the bloody Third World War in which the whole world is burnt. Will turn to ashes … Yes, we Muslims are peace loving by nature, but we, the lovers of Muhammad (pbuh) , do not compromise on the honour of the Holy Prophet.


I will hug my blood in Kashmir and the destination is not far away



Editor in Chief of Defence Times and Voice of Pakistan, a defence analyst, patriotic blogger, poet and web designer. The passionate flag holder of world peace


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