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First fighter pilot from the privileged Hindu Minority of Pakistan

Pakistan cares for its people and minorities and minorities also love their motherland

Pakistan cares for its people and minorities and minorities also love their motherland

Pakistan is the land of peace and harmony where all the minorities and majority of masses enjoy the spirit of togetherness and humanity in social and economic life interactions. The white part of our flag stands for equal minority rights which indicates that they should not feel the sense of alienation and marginalization.

The Government of Pakistan in every regime has made and making efforts to bridge the gaps of deprivation and ensuring due place in society for minorities.

In Pakistan equal rights are being granted to the minorities. We have the strong passion and support for all minorities in all walks of life including employment, social and economic rights. We have the same spirit of equality for the Hindu Minorities of Pakistan.

The good news in the intense situation of Covid-19 outbreak comes with the Tweet of Pakistan Air Force that a young boy namely Rahul Dev who hails from a remote village of Tharparkar of Sindh province has rocked the Thar again with splendid success of being selected as first GD pilot ( fighter pilot) from Hindu Minority.

Greeting to the young boy of Sindh province Rahul Das at his proud selection for this sacred duty for the motherland.

However it depicts two aspects one is our forces selection is on merit base. The guy is from a remote area and off course being selected on merit. The other thing is right of induction of minorities in our important duty tasks indicates that they are as equal as majority to consider for such posts.

Pakistan cares for its people and minorities. The minorities also love their motherland and have the dedication to serve the nation. May Almighty protect pakistan from disharmony and any ill design of enemies. Long live pakistan. Long live Pakistan, Long live Pakistan forces.


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