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From pk-15 , JF-17 Thunder and Al Khalid to fifth generation stealth fighter jet project Azm

After the purchase of the world's most expensive Rafale aircraft from France, the Indian media and defense agencies are acting as if India has conquered the whole of Ladakh by defeating China

After the purchase of the world's most expensive Rafale aircraft from France, the Indian media and defense agencies are acting as if India has conquered the whole of Ladakh by defeating China

According to international defense observers, Pakistan’s defense production from PK-15 assault rifles to Al-Khalid tanks and JF-17 Thunder is rapidly moving towards self -sufficiency. In a short span of 12 years, the successful journey of JF-17 Thunder Block 3 from the launch of China’s joint warplane manufacturing program to its completion in Pakistan is a surprise to the world and awe to the enemies.

The JF-17 Thunder is talking parrots in combat aerial demonstrations around the world. Demand for Pakistan Thunder aircraft is increasing in developing countries like Malaysia, Burma and Nigeria. While the failed result of India’s 30 years of failed planning, the Tejas aircraft has become a rejected and flop product in the world market.

Today, Pakistan’s Armed Forces manufactures German-born G3 assault rifles and PK-15 assault rifles designed by Pakistani engineers, from automatic class light machine guns and heavy machine guns, manufactured in Pakistan’s Wah Ordnance Factory and armored in the international market. Exporting for use of forces.

India’s own journalists Rahul Bedi and Ghazala Wahab write that India made an Insas rifle after 20 years of operation but it totally flopped. The Indian Army rejected it with several complaints. The rifle was purchased by Nepal and returned with the Not Wanted medal. Then, nine years later, in 2019, Narendra Modi inaugurated a new Assault Rifle Factory in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh with a Russian partnership. But the factory has been shut down because the agreement with Russia has not been completed yet.

In 2009, the South American country of Ecuador purchased eight Indian-made Dhruv helicopters. But unluckily, four of those dysfunctional helicopters manufactured by self crash master India crashed and for remaining four the contract was canceled and sent back to India.

Pakistan is building not only JF-17 Thunder multi-role fighter jets but also successful fighter training aircraft such as Super Mashaq and Karakoram 8 and selling them to Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Burma, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other developing countries. Thanks to the profits made, the developing sector of Pakistani aircraft manufacturing is now entering the fifth generation stealth technology era with the new aircraft manufacturing program ” Project Azm “.

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The world is amazed by the successful production of unmanned drone drones like Barak, Selex’s Falco, GIDS Shahpar and Jasoos drones made in Nescom Pakistan 

Pakistan has turned the tide of the Indian Armed Forces’ long-held supremacy in desert and swampy sectors like Rajasthan by building state-of-the-art main battle tanks such as Khalid and Al-Zarar to suit its needs. Now not only the main battle tank but also the successful production of modern armored vehicles like Talha, Skab and Al Qaswa is going on in Pakistan.

The nation is proud that we are now manufacturing anti-tank guided rocket launcher systems like Armor, Lightweight Anti-aircraft and Air to Ground Weapons like Barq and Anza in Pakistan itself. On the other side of the border, the Indian-built Arjun Tank itself faces strong criticism from Indian defense observers and overweight and other technical complaints from the military.

After the purchase of the world’s most expensive Rafale from France, the Indian media and defense agencies act as if India has conquered the whole of Ladakh by defeating China.

It is a different matter that the Narendra Modi government is facing serious allegations of commission corruption in connection with the purchase of a 4.5 Generation Rafale aircraft, almost five times more expensive than the US F-16E and ten times more expensive than the JF-17 Thunder . The fact is that the Raphael planes will still need a year to adjust to the Indian Air Force system. And it is noteworthy that India will forever need France for the maintenance, overhauling, repair or upgrading of the Rafale aircraft.

The real difference between the Pakistani and Indian air forces is not the aircraft but the pilot. One difference between Made in owner of France Rafale and proud Made in Pakistan JF-17 is that they give an award to Abhinandan who lost the plane and praised the cup of tea from shooters.  And we give medals of bravery to those Wing Commander Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan who shot down the enemy plane.

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