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Permanent Commission in PAF Air Defence Branch

You have many more chances to get a job in other departments and professions of Pakistan air force

Pakistan air force’s primary mandate and mission is to defend homeland, means it provides in synergy with other other wings of forces. So in this connection its prime responsibility is the most efficient aerial defence of Pakistan. Since the establishment of Pakistan air force, during many wars, it has been involved in various combat operations, providing aerial support to Inter Services’s operations and national relief efforts as well. Most of young people dream to be a fighter pilot of Pakistan air force. But remember if you couldn’t fulfill the eligibility criteria for the selection as a fighter pilot , you have many more chances to get a job in other departments and professions of Pakistan air force.

Pakistan air force’s defence Training School is situated at PAF Academy, Risalpur. This is the basic training institution for the Air Defence Controllers. Assimilation of Air defence in the main stream as an important corps, right at the onset of the training, has brought inter-branch harmony in Pakistan air force.

The foundation of this premier institution as laid in 1975 since then it has trained large number of controllers including those from friendly countries.

Here is the qualification / eligibility criteria for the selection for a permanent commission in air defence branch


Male Citizen of Pakistan
Marital Status Unmarried
Age 16 – 22 years
Height 163 cm ( 5 feet 4 inches )
Training 3 years at PAF Academy Risalpur leading to the award of BS in Aviation Sciences and Management from Air University Islamabad
Type of Commission Permanent Commission 
Educational    Qualification F.Sc with 60% marks in aggregate in any of the following degree / subjects
Subjects Pre Engineering, Comp Sciences
OR : A Level with Physics, Math and Biology

Courses Offered

Air Defence Training school runs basic Air Defence Weapon Controllers course for cadets and officers of PAF and friendly Air Forces. This course is spread over a total duration of 24 weeks with frequency of two courses per year. Air Defence Training school conducts the Basic and other courses on Air Defence. The school carries out two basic Air Defence courses per year for PAF aviation cadets and conducts other Air Defence courses as and when directed by Air Headquarters and also conducts training courses for foreign students.

Training at Air Defence Training School

Air defence training school follows a three-pronged approach for imparting training to its students. Apart from instilling air defence professionalism and inculcating self-discipline and high moral standard it also nurtures leadership qualities and intellectual strength among its students. Apart from testing theoretical knowledge and practical tests, all students are categorized at the end to grade their standard achieved during training. Extensive use of simulators is employed.


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