Pakistan Tactical nuclear weapons, Chinese firepower and American proxy warrior India

Modi brand US - IND  policy is proving a failure and back fired. Indian opposition and people are shouting against it. Their think tanks realized now , they are being used for US proxy war against China

After India’s recent defeats at the hands of China, tensions along the Himalayan border in Ladakh are gradually spreading towards Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Uttarakhand as well. On the other hand, in the Kashmir sector, violating international laws and line of control, Indian aggression is casting dark clouds of war over the entire region.
After the humiliating defeat India’s fear and sense of inferiority is becoming apparent from the gallop of arms. In India, which has set a world record of 2.5 million new cases of corona virus in a month, all the mournful lamentations over the tragic deaths in India were drowned out by the tumult of Narendra Modi, the brutal killer of Ahmedabadi and Kashmiri Muslims.
Modi Trump & Co brand American proxy game is proving a failure and back fired. Indian opposition and people are shouting against it. Their think tanks realized now , they are being used for US proxy war against China. Selfish Americans will never save them from being sandwich between Pakistan and China. 
Strong measures are taken by China in response to India’s arms race and increasing military presence on its borders. China has posted multi-role fighter jets, equipped with deadly weapons, at air bases near the Indian border. In this connection, J-10, J-11, J-20 stealth fighter and H-7 bombers are deployed there. Air defense systems of ground to air missiles are installed from Ladakh to the borders of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. The posting of another 50,000 troops and new outposts is becoming a nerve-racking horror for Modi’s military leadership.
For months, India has been concentrating its military resources on the northeastern mountainous border with China. In this situation, international defense observers believe that Pakistan could strike on the Indian border to benefit its ally China. However, in my opinion Pakistan wants peace anyway. The outcry over European and American concerns over Pakistan’s aggressive intentions to start a war is merely well-planned propaganda. The aim is to boost their arms trade by encouraging India to buy more and more weapons.
Western observers say Pakistan’s weak position in the recent tensions with China could make Pakistan more dangerous to India than China. Pakistan has full capability for prompt delivery of nuclear weapons. Pakistan has a unique strategic advantage against India. Unlike China, Pakistan’s clear declaration is a “no retaliation” policy. And this policy poses a serious threat of “sudden death” to those who attack Pakistan.
According to defense experts, although Pakistan’s nuclear capability does not match that of China, Pakistan ‘s range of strategic, operational and tactical nuclear weapons will be in line with its defense needs and will be extremely deadly to India.
Pakistan’s non-strategic weapons or Tactical Nuclear Weapons ( TNW ) are such low-weight short-range nuclear warhead missiles. These would be extremely dangerous for the immediate and complete destruction of enemy troops, tanks, military installations, supply dumps and field headquarters on the battlefield.
Pakistan’s Strategic Plans Division (SPD) has warned India of its devastating “full spectrum deterrence”. Former SPD director Lt. Gen. Khalid Kadwai said that Pakistan has a full range of all three types of nuclear weapons. In the event of our strategic, operational and tactical nuclear missile strikes, India will have nowhere to hide.
The Indian Army has a much larger and more modern military equipment than Pakistan. But Pakistan’s deadly lethal tactical nuclear weapon and its policy of not taking the initiative in a nuclear attack will destroy all India’s numerical superiority in a conventional war.
India has pursued a policy of increasing its military presence against China on the Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh borders and increasing pressure on Pakistan through aggression on the Kashmir border. Last month, Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations warned the international community that the threat of a horrific war was growing because of India’s continued violations of the Line of Control by aggressors on Pakistan’s borders .

 In this sensitive situation of border tensions and the dangers of Indian aggression, above all political affiliations, the ideal supporting relationship between the Armed Forces of Pakistan and the people is an important requirement of the time and our national duty.


Farooq Rashid Butt alias Farooq Darwaish is an ex banker, a defence analyst, journalist, patriotic blogger, poet and freelancer WordPress web designer. A passionate flag holder of peace of the world


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