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Pakistan air force offers many other than fighter pilot job as permanent commission and short service commission as well

Pakistan air force offers many other than fighter pilot job as permanent commission and short service commission as well. Do not be disappointed if you couldn’t fulfill the eligibility criteria for any highly preferred job of a gdp ( fighter pilot). For a permanent commission job in PAF, gdp is not the one and only branch. There are many other branches and departments too.

PAF offers you a bright career in PAF administration and special duty branch as well. So candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria can apply in this field.

Difference between Short Service Commission (SSC) and Permanent Commission (PC).

There is difference between short service commission (SSC) and permanent service commission (PC). SSC is a specialized branch of the armed forces. The SSC officers serve only for ten years or it could be extend to further few years. Secondly, they cannot go beyond the rank of brigadier. They usually perform jobs in education, medical, engineering and IT etc.

Whereas the permanent commission officers are to work till the end of their service as per the armed forces rules. They may be asked to serve anywhere and in any department or branch. They are the soldiers who fight for their homeland.

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PERMANENT COMMISSION (PC) Admin and Special Duties

Nationality : Male Citizen of Pakistan
Marital Status : Unmarried
Age : 16-22 years
Height : 163 cm ( 5 feet 4 inches)
Training : 3 years at PAF Academy Risalpur leading to the award of BS in Aviation Sciences and Management from Air University Islamabad
Type of Commission : Permanent Commission (PC)
Educational Qualification : F.Sc with 60% marks in aggregate in any one of the following subjects
Pre Engineering , Pre Medical and Comp Sciences
A Level with Physics, Math and Biology

Pakistan Air Force has announced commissioned jobs 2019 for 125 combat support courses in Medical and education branches. PAF newly advertised jobs are under Special Purpose Short Service Commission SPSSC. Those selected for Education branch will be offered the rank of Flying Officer at Pakistan air force.


Nationality : Male Citizen of Pakistan
Marital Status : Married / Unmarried
Age : 18-30 years
Height : 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches)
Training : 1 year
Type of Commission : Short Service Commission (SSC)
Educational Qualification : MA / MSc / MBA / MPA / BA / BSc (04 years) (Having F.Sc with 2nd Division

We will keep you updated about any change in the policy and new vacancies

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