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Afghan Taliban and the Red Storm of the Green Revolution

It is hoped that the strategic alliance between Pakistan and the Taliban will inspire the Kashmiri Mujahedeen movement and start the process of India's disintegration

Forty years ago, the Pakistani military leadership planned to mobilize the Afghan Mujahedeen to help the Kashmiri militants after the defeat of Russian super powers. But at the behest of India’s patron Israel, the entire central leadership of Pakistan’s forces, including General Zia ul Haq, was martyred in a conspiracy by the US and Western powers.

For India, the fact is a nightmare that with the return of the next generation of Afghan Mujahedeen in the form of the Afghan Taliban, Afghan soil is now becoming a breeding ground for India’s anti-Pakistan plans.

Forty years later, the prospect of a repeat of history seems to have turned the tables on the Indian dirty games. After the recent advances of the Afghan Taliban, the government of Indian puppets like Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani is about to end. India, which facilitates and funds terrorists from Baluchistan to Khyber, seems to be in the throes of its own nefarious intentions for the future.

Indian defense experts also believe that the return of the Taliban could strengthen the Kashmiris’ military struggle. Muslims around the world believe that the Afghan Taliban will not remain silent on the rapes of Muslim women and the massacre of unarmed civilians by the Indian Army in Kashmir. If the 40 year old strategy of the Pakistani moves towards completion, the United States will not be able to save India from collapsing like Russia.

The dirty language use of biased statements by the Afghan President after the US withdrawal, such as “Punjabi”, is highly reprehensible. World knows that crutching Indian interests and harboring terrorism, are dying. Indian terrorist centers set up in the name of consulates are falling apart. An anti-Taliban propaganda campaign is underway in the Indian media to mourn the loss of Indian interests.

President Biden said he does not want to kill new generations of Americans in Afghanistan. Defeated by torn clothes and barefoot fighters, the superpower decided to leave, then there was no safe place for India in Afghanistan. The Taliban control the border crossings with Pakistan and key districts. So conditions are becoming unfavorable for India to protect its interests and for the dirty game of terrorism against Pakistan.

It should be noted that the important area of ​​Kandahar near the border with Pakistan has been the center of India’s anti-Pakistan activities. Now, in the ongoing bloody battle between Kandahar and Lashkar Gah, the Taliban have taken control of Chaman and Kandahar routes.

India is providing all possible supports to the Afghan forces, including the supply of arms, to save its anti-Pakistan network in Kandahar and its surroundings. The brutal bombing of Kandahar by Indian Air Force planes continues. The Indian leadership knows that after the Taliban take control of Kandahar, there will be no nearby control center for its terrorism game to be played in Baluchistan.

If  Afghan Taliban’s stormy invasion and advancement continues at the same pace, India will soon run away from the Kabul embassy as well.

According to international observers, India tried to negotiate with the Taliban through Russia and Iran. But the Taliban are now fully aware of India’s hypocrisy and hostility to peace. The international media is showing the fact that India has started supplying heavy weapons and ammunition to Afghan forces and anti-Pakistan terrorist organizations against the Taliban. The Afghan Taliban have called the barbaric bombing of a hospital in Lashkar Gah by an Indian plane a serious war crime.

According to credible sources, more than 100 Indian terrorists have been sent to New Delhi from Kandahar. Key commanders of TTP and other terrorist organizations used against Pakistan have also been given sanctuary in India. India is working hard to maintain an atmosphere of unrest in Afghanistan so that it can continue its aggression in the Pak-Afghan border areas. But the Taliban’s advances are destroying India’s terrorism and intelligence network near the Pak-Afghan border.

However, the Afghan Taliban, which has an Islamic ideological identity, declares that India will no longer be allowed to carry out nefarious plots against Muslims and Pakistan from Afghan soil. But it must also be remembered that Pakistan’s influence over the Afghan Taliban is no longer the same as it was ten or twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, Afghan Taliban leaders sought refuge in Pakistan with their families in difficult circumstances. But in recent years, they have established safe havens, a network of public relations and a deep influence after taking control of several districts in Afghanistan.

New Afghan Taliban

The Taliban have emerged with slightly different attitudes from the earlier Taliban. These Taliban have a different way of thinking and behaving from the Taliban of the past who had adopted a tough stance. They are reluctant to allow the world powers to justify their military presence in the region. The modern version of these Taliban, which has been simmering for the last twenty years, is more serious and diplomatic. They strive to be closer to the international community with a clever strategic policy. Time is seeing a positive change in their maturity, reconciliation and realism.

Today, the Taliban has abandoned its policy of isolation from the world and opened the door to dialogue with its rivals and opponents. Today, for their own external and internal interests, they are also negotiating reconciliation with Iranian-brand militant groups, such as the Shia Hazara tribes, with whom they has had bloody fights in the past. That is why they have established very balanced relations with Iran, Russia and China

Today, the Taliban’s latest policies suggest that they now want to improve their image by acknowledging their existence through diplomacy rather than confronting external forces. Today, Iran, Russia and China are at the negotiating table with him. These countries realize that the Taliban are the real power of Afghanistan’s future political chambers.

However, the Afghan Taliban are closer to Pakistan and Qatar. But their changed style of politics shows that they will not accept anyone’s dictation against their interests and ideologies. Even these modern Taliban will not compromise on Afghan traditions of upholding Islamic values. The recent exemplary punishment meted out by the Taliban to the perpetrator of sexual abuse of a minor girl is a clear declaration that the Taliban’s Islamic identity will remain intact.

 According to some observers, if anti-Pakistan groups like the TTP are strengthened in the Taliban government, they will create problems for Pakistan.

But I think the storm of the Afghan Taliban’s advance will sweep away India and its anti-Pakistan allies. As the Indian terrorist network weakens, the TTP’s logistics and backbone will be shattered. If we remain loyal to our state interests and the Afghan Taliban, then naturally organizations like the TTP and PTM will be harmless in the presence of Pakistan’s benevolent Taliban.

The green revolution that is coming to Afghanistan with the recent advance of the Taliban is like a red storm for Indian interests and a heavenly help for Pakistan’s security. Its effects will soon spread throughout the region. Yes, today Pakistan needs these diplomatic and shrewd generals like Zia-ul-Haq and Hameed Gul to make that 40-year-old plan of the Afghan war a reality. It is hoped that the strategic alliance between Pakistan and the Taliban will inspire the Kashmiri Mujahedeen movement and start the process of India’s disintegration.


From ancient Hindutva civilization to Kashmir, humanity and women are oppressed


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