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The historic justice of the great Christian pastor is a alive lesson to the traitors

This tragic story of the horrifying end of the treacherous of country of Ugolino and his family is still silently saying that by inflicting similar punishments to the traitors, make examples for others

This tragic story of the horrifying end of the treacherous of country of Ugolino and his family is still silently saying that by inflicting similar punishments to the traitors, make examples for others

The character of the history of this seven-colored mortal world is the same as that of a mother. From time to time horrible tragedies and sometimes happy events arise from this “history mother’s womb”. Just as good people born from mother’s womb are good for mankind and bad people are bad for others, so great events and tragedies born out of history’s womb give rise to other good or bad things.

When history mentions events such as the conquests of Spain and Jerusalem, the names of great characters such as Tariq bin Ziyad and Salahuddin Ayyubi shine. On the other hand, the traitors associated with the fall of Bengal and Mysore, born from the cradle of the same history, will remain doomed like Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq.

According to the stories of the holy Quran and holy Bible, where there were lost people in nations, there must have been some people who remained steadfast on the path of truth in any case. In both Western and Eastern societies, before and after the advent of Islam, there were people who adhered to religious traditions, moral values, and the laws of nature.

Be it the Roman, Greek or Christian society before the time of Christian and secular states or after the advent of Islam, every traitor of religion, also proved to be a traitor of his country and nation. But look at the history of the world , no rebel of the heavenly religions and laws of nature, not a single treacherous of country and nation has escaped its instructive end.

Judith, a famous biblical woman, a holy figure for the Christian , severed the head of General Holofernes, who forced the people to worship King Nebuchadnezzar, General Brutus, the traitorous assassin of Julius Caesar, became a black mark in history with a horrific end. Queen Cleopatra betrayed state and religious forces along with her first minor husband and later second husband, General Anthony, and eventually committed suicide by biting herself with a snake.

King Nero, who set Rome on fire, witnessed the devastation and burned the corpses of innocent Christian citizens in front of hungry lions, was forced to commit suicide after being defeated by the democratic forces. Mir Sadiq, the traitor commander of the Mysore , became an instrument of the British and martyred Sultan Tipu was brutally killed by a loyal soldier.

The worst traitor to the country and religion, the example of the fate of Ugolino, the traitor I am quoting, is historically considered to be the most horrible punishment. Ugolino was a traitorous naval commander and corrupt ruler of the famous Italian city of Pisa with its crooked minaret. This traitor continued to rule his country as an instrument of the enemies of the motherland. But in the end, he was sentenced to death for open treason and murder of loyal of the land figures.

The great Italian poet Dante, in his long poem “Divine Comedy”, has mapped out his treacherous character and instructive end. American and Western artists from all over the world have portrayed Dante in this allegorical and imaginative poem, highlighting the horrific execution of Ugolino and his family on canvas with the help of their imagination and colors. World sculptors have also presented Ugolino unique but horrific end to the world with an instructive purpose.

The gruesome manner in which Ugolino was sentenced to death was in fact an open message to other politicians who were turning to apostasy and possibly treason. After he was imprisoned with two sons and two grandsons in the Gualandi tower building, the prison keys were thrown into the Arno River at the behest of the Archbishop.

Throwing prison keys into the river was an announcement that he and his family had been left in a locked prison to be tortured to horrible death. No one knows what the last scenes of the dying lives of those traitors may have been, starving, thirsty and languishing in solitary confinement.

Writers’ pens tremble as they imagine what happened to these traitors. But the lasting effect of such an exemplary punishment on them must have been that this horrific end of treason taught such a tragic lesson to future generations that, unlike the Islamic world, traitors to their country and religion in Western history are very rarely found.

This tragic story of the horrifying end of the treacherous of country and religion of Ugolino and his family is still silently saying that by inflicting similar punishments to the traitors of the Pakistan, make examples for others. In order to rid of traitors from generation to generation, the puppets of enemies and Corruption Kings must be severely punished.

Like Ugolino, it is now imperative to pour the keys of prisons of our national traitors into the Arabian Sea and the Indus, Chenab and Ravi. In Thar, those who left starving peasants helpless and helpless, those who organized festivals and dances in the name of Sindh festival should be imprisoned till their death in the Taj Mahal tombs built by them. Get rid of the traitors of the land and the curse of heredity and write a lesson to be remembered forever for corrupt politicians.

We are hopeful from the Divine of the seventh sky that the “History Mother” will give birth to another great event for the Islamic nation. I am convinced that the conditions prevailing in the Islamic world are announcing that, according to the eternal “Sunnah”, a “historic birth” is about to take place. And the Muslim world hopes that new historical birth will be a “new Ayyubi”.

Then the spirit of unity and the love of the beloved Prophet, will also come alive, which will prove to be a great impetus for the liberation of Kashmir and Palestine by crushing the enemies of Pakistan and Islam.

Revolution and change do not come from imperialism or Hindutva slavery and imitation of Western civilization, but from the spirit of unity and faith. The fate of this country will not be decided by the self-styled exiles and religious magicians sitting in west, but by those who live in the hug of this motherland.

I believe that soon Pakistan will lead the unity of the whole Islamic world in the form of a peaceful but invincible nuclear military power and those who live life as punishment will return to the days of the smiles.



From ancient Hindutva civilization to Kashmir, humanity and women are oppressed

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