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Secular Indians and anti-religion tyrants are the worst enemies of humanity and peace

How the Indian seculars or western atheists blame the Islamic world and considers the United States, the European Union and the patron of terrorism, India as the guardians of human rights

How the Indian seculars or western atheists blame the Islamic world and considers the United States, the European Union and the patron of terrorism, India as the guardians of human rights

Seculars and human rights activists accuse Islam of teaching extremism and that Islamic history is replete with carnage and brutality. Then they start the blasphemy against the sanctity of the great religion and the Islamic values. And this exposes the Zionism in the guise of liberalism.
Not just Islam, but a few incidents in the history of any civilization can prove that any civilization is the worst civilization. However, the written history of Western historians also bears witness to the fact that apart from a few misguided Muslim rulers, Islamic history is a great story of human welfare and justice. ۔
It is a great injustice of history that the massacre of Hassan bin Sabah by a seditionist or the killing of innocent children in a Peshawar school by the terrorist Mullah Fazlullah is a slip of history in the name of Islam and Muslims. No liberal journalist has any answer as to what was the religion of the brutal terrorists of history, Genghis Khan and Halaku, because they too were disgusted non believer secularists.

It is the stubborn tradition of the seculars to be deaf and dumb to the atrocities committed by the oppressors who are disgusted with religion not only in the world of Islam but also on the whole of humanity without distinction of religion.

History has it that Bakht Nasr, who fought millions after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon, Cyrus the Great, Rosh Kabeer, and the Roman general Titus were also secular. These oppressors had nothing to do with any religion. King Belshazzar, the tyrant of humanity in BC, General Hulu Furnace, who was slaughtered by the biblical Judith, and the Roman King Nero, who killed Christians with lions and wild dogs and burned corpses, were also secular beasts.
Ugolino of Italy, who rebelled against religion and massacred his own Christians people, was also an atheist politician. He, along with his two sons and two grandsons, were locked in the Gualandi tower and the keys to the prison were thrown into the river at the behest of the Christian Archbishop. It was a proclamation that the church had inflicted the most painful punishment on the enemy of religion by forgetting and dying of thirst.
The communists of the Russian Revolution and the massacres in the French revolution were also disgusted with religion. Following the execution of the King of France on January 21 and the Queen on October 16, the passage of a formal law against the worship of God on November 10, 1793, was a declaration that the French Revolution was secular, free of religion.
The United States announced its time of death in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then Russia became a nuclear power and challenged the American monopoly, the world was divided into two parts. It was called the division of the economic system of communism and capitalism. This war led to the death of millions of people and the destruction of many countries.
Vietnam declared independence after the surrender of Japan, the atrocities committed by the United States by attacking it are the worst in the history of inhumanity. In this war that lasted for 20 years, 10 million tons of bombs were dropped and 3.4 million people were killed. Thirty million gallons of carcinogenic chemicals and 400,000 tons of Napalm bombs were dropped. In 1963, Laos and Cambodia were also declared a threat to the United States, and three million tons of explosives were dropped, killing one million innocent civilians.

When South Korea declared independence, the United States established its own puppet government and invaded North Korea after killing half a million people. Three million Koreans and one million Chinese were killed in the war.

But the history of American bloodshed did not end there. They used Pakistan against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan in 1979 and invaded Iran from Iraq in 1980. One million Iranians and half a million Iraqis were killed in the eight-year war. Millions lost their lives in the 1990 war in Iraq against the occupation of Kuwait. Three millions have been killed in Libya, Iraq and Syria alone.
 While in “War Against Terror”, the peace-loving United States is now on the next satanic mission to encircle Pakistan under the auspices of India after the game of death in Afghanistan , the destruction of Pakistani economy, sacrifices of 60,000 martyrs of people and Pakistan army. From Ahmedabad to Kashmir, the cunning secular wolf that has wreaked havoc on state terrorism and persecution of Muslims, India is now the new ally of the United States.
Indeed, according to Islam, the murder of an innocent human being is the murder of all humanity. But aggressive occupiers do not fall into the category of “innocents”. In such a case, jihad is obligatory. The defensive jihad of Salahuddin Ayubi and Nooruddin Zangi against the foreign invading Crusaders was to protect their holy places. Even the oppressed Kashmiri Muslims who are active for freedom from the Indian occupiers are not terrorists but are fighting for their rights.
Secularists and pro-Westerners should remember that killing people is strictly forbidden not only in Islam but also in other religions. The Bible makes it clear that “cutting the cord of a human life is a terrible sin.” (Genesis 10: 4) Holy Matthew says, “You have heard that the former was spoken of. Don’t bleed. And whoever commits blood will be punished in court. (St. Matthew 21: 5, 22) The fifth commandment of the Mosaic Law forbids the children of Israel to kill: “One’s life is sacred and God’s most precious gift.” Life comes once, love everyone’s life “.

According to which religious teachings have whites massacred 100 million people in the last 100 years? Aren’t American and Western Christians who deviate from the teachings of Jesus or Jews who deny the teachings of Mousavi secular from their religions?

Aren’t Narendra Modi, who burnt alive the passengers of the Samjhota Express in Ahmedabad, Indira Gandhi who shed Holi with the blood of Sikhs in the Golden Temple of Amritsar? The Indians who brutally killed Kashmiri Muslims, are secular deniers of their Hindu message of peace. So is it wrong to claim that secularism, free from the shackles of every religion, is the world’s biggest terrorist and the killer mafia of humanity?
Does secularism simply mean disrespect for Islam, liberalism means rebellion against civilization and morality, and complete freedom for human slaughter on earth? Even after knowing these facts, if any Indian secular or western atheist blames the Islamic world and considers the United States, the European Union and the patron of terrorism, India, as the guardians of human rights?

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