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Humiliations of Balakot and Ladakh have plummeted the morale of Indian forces.

India is going through a period of operational weakness, halfway through modernizing its armed forces. While Pakistan has tested its war plans and war games in the 80s.

India is going through a period of operational weakness, halfway through modernizing its armed forces. While Pakistan has tested its war plans and war games in the 80s.

I myself was an active part of that war struggle at the young age of 22, when Russia entered Afghanistan in a frenzy of aggression. America made great films like Rambo about the exploits of those who fought against Russia. The US and the entire Western world called those great warriors. The F-16 and all other state-of-the-art weapons were provided to Pakistan at a very low costs. And then Pakistani forces demonstrated their prime capability and tore apart the superpower and fear of Russian colonialism.

After the historic military and ideological defeat of Russia, the heads of Soviet unity were shattered and independent Muslim states were born from its womb. And on the world stage, Pakistan’s pride national agency ISI emerged as the best intelligence force in the world

The dramatic game changer of 9/11 happened and the US declared those Afghans as terrorists. It kept the Pakistan Army involved in the war for twenty years under the War against Terror. US and India patronized the guerrilla warfare against the Pak army to weaken Pakistan. A horrible terrorism was here from mosques to markets to terrorize the people. That was a part of the same US policy with the full support of India and their dirty puppets.

The US failed in its conspiratorial adventures on the western border of Pakistan and with it all the hell of evil plans of India RAW were also failed and perished. Now it has devised a new plan to tighten the noose around China and Pakistan by using its new baby, India. While the real target is Pakistan’s nuclear assets which are unsettling for India, Israel and imperialism. Pakistan, which sacrificed 60,000 soldiers and civilians in those wars as an ally of US, is now under the war doctrines of the US-Israel-Indian alliance.

The bombings and arson attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, military bases, industrial centers, hospitals and ports before the deadly blast that killed hundreds of people in Beirut show that the Jewish lobby is trying to set fires around the world peace. It seems that a  new horrible game has begun.

Meanwhile, Iran’s inclination towards China indicates that it is realizing that its policy of becoming an ally of India is backfiring. Changing circumstances indicate that Iran is backing away from other agreements with its allies India and Afghanistan, including the port of Chahbahar. Iran has recently separated India from plans to lay a new railway line from Chahbahar port to Zahedan.

India is in fact terrified of China’s military might and Pakistan’s missile power. The Indian Air Force has 800 of the world’s most advanced fighter jets, such as the MiG-29, SU-30 Sukhoi, Marriage 2000 and Jaguar. But a sense of inferiority India has still bought the world’s most expensive Rafale aircraft.

The reason for India’s inferiority complex is that it does not have skillful pilots like Pakistani MM Alam and Hassan Siddiqui. And its master Israel also knows that all its planes were destroyed by Pakistani fighter pilots only.

World remembers that after the failure of Balakot surgical strike, Modi regretted that “I wish I had Rafale jets to punish Pakistan.” Now they have Rafale, but unfortunately the war-weary Indian forces are not yet able to fulfill Modi’s ambitions. They kill Kashmiri Muslims with state terrorism but couldn’t face even rods and sticks of Chinese soldiers on Ladakh border.

According to General (retd) Aslam Baig, India is going through a period of operational weakness, halfway through modernizing its armed forces. While Pakistan has tested its war plans and war games in the 80s. We are building our Al-Khalid tanks, JF-17 Thunder fighter jets, advanced submarines and nuclear warhead missiles. One-third of the Indian Army is trapped in several troubled states and occupied Kashmir. India’s ability to provide security and carry out its war plan is very limited.

After the cup of tea brand defeat of Balakot and then the humiliation in Ladakh at the hands of China, the morale of the Indian forces has plummeted. Modi’s government has baffled with its relentless onslaught on allegations of corruption in the purchase of Rafale, the loss of huge area and 20 troops in Ladakh. India suffers from political isolation due to strained relations with all its neighbors.

Indian people also know that it is foolish to dream of any sincere help from the unreliable Americans. The US is not in a position to help India decisively because of the political , economic crisis and internal turmoil caused by the destruction of Corona.

According to some defense observers, India’s “Cold Start Doctrine” is ready. Arms depots and bunkers have been set up along roads, bridges and railways. India’s main target is the Sindh border where the Pakistan Army has suffered losses in the past. To reach Gwadar by cutting off Sindh from the rest of Pakistan, they may have the support of JSQM in Sindh and BLA insurgents in Balochistan.

But I completely rule out the possibility of the success of the Indian Doctrine. The reason for the Indian Army’s superiority over Rajasthan in past was Pakistan’s lack of effective tanks in desert and swampy areas. Now we have self-made modern destroyers, Al-Khalid and Zarar. So we have the potential for effective defense and strong attack in desert, swamp and riverine areas. The laser-guided anti-tank Barq is capable of destroying tanks and artillery in Indian territory. The F-16 and JF-17 Thunder will fly from attacking air bases near Rajasthan.

After destroying the RAW terrorist network, the Pakistan Army, which had been busy on the Afghan border, is now ready to defend the eastern borders. Even now it is impossible for an Indian aircraft carrier to stay out of the reach of our naval missiles range. And God willing, if the Indian Army still crosses all of Pakistan and reaches Gwadar, have we kept our 160 nuclear weapons just to show off in show cases?

However, the most dangerous is the mysterious hybrid war. Through which the US and India is attacking the religion and civilization, capability of our national institutions like Pakistan Army and ISI. For this purpose they are funding to puppet NGOs of Israel and India and the for sale media. By widening the gap between the forces and the people, an atmosphere of hatred and uncertainty is being created for the institutions.

Remember that you may have political or ideological differences with national leaders, but the Pakistan Army is a national institution. In fact the guarantors of national security.  Undoubtedly, our well-trained forces are one of the best in the world.  Our Thunders and Soldiers are always ready to shake the bases and bosses of the Rafale & RAW brand enemies.


From pk-15 , JF-17 Thunder and Al Khalid to fifth generation stealth fighter jet project Azm

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